General Information:
Manufacturer: Adlung
Author: Michael Andersch
Graphics: Jürgen Martens
Number of players: 4+
Age: 10+ years
Time: 10-30 mins.
Year: 2004


Deutsche Spielerezension

Game Components:
66 cards with 6 different terms each in 4 languages - 1 rulebooklet

Players try to describe a term in teams. The other players have to guess that term. The player who guesses the most terms is the winner of the game.

A game preparation is not necessary. The game can be started immediatley

The procedure of the game is quiet easy: One player and his/her left neighbour form the first team. After the first team explained the teams change - the player left to the last starting player forms the new team together with his/her left neighbour.

All the team has got to do is the following: The starting player draws a card at random and another player calls out a number between 1 and 6. Then the starting player looks at the number and the card and so he/she knows the term the team has to describe. He/she then gives the card to his/her team-partner so that he/she knows the term as well. All terms have to be described by forming sentences. The starting player says the first word, the other player the second word and so on. Each player must say only one word. The sentence must be correct in grammatical terms.

The other players have to guess what the term is: As soon as one player calls out the correct term the current round is finished. This player gets one point as well as each of the two team members.

The game ends when the players want to. They can decide to end the game after a certain period of time, after a certain number of rounds and so on. The player with the most points wins the game.
(Troudi 15/02/05)

Further Information:
- Homepage of Adlung

Troudi says 8 of 10 points:
"Teamwork" is a small and easy to understand but nevertheless very entertaining card-game. The rules are easy to understand and can be explained in under 2 minutes. "Teamwork" is no game about winning or loosing - it is a game of having fun. You'll be astonished to find out how difficult it is to master the description of a term by forming a sentence without your partner knowing what you are about to say. Often it is not easy to get an idea about what your partner just said and where he/she is going to. You say a word and he/she looks at you - astonished or even confused. The game is really easy to understand the rulebooklet contains an English description as well and all terms are in English as well. The price is really fair - it costs about 6 Euros in Europe but unfortunately I do not really know whether the game is available in the US or not. Anyway - if you can get this game buy it. It's real fun and you'll enjoy playing it in large groups.

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